hi! welcome to my home page. i’m jenn.

i am a computer not-geek from Toronto, Canada. i graduated in 2004 from the university of Waterloo where i was a student in the computer science co-op program. i had the opportunity to work at some very cool places and live in different locations across the states and in europe. after 5 years of moving every 4-months, it’s no wonder i have a short attention span.

i work as a solution architect at IBM. i used to be a software developer and a huge part of my day job was acting as the team’s scrum master (i actually called myself a scrum mistress, and have even made myself a t-shirt). i’ve also tried my hand as a product owner. and now i’m on the technical sales side of things having a different sort of fun!

i spend a lot of time volunteering with IBM initiatives such as EXITE camp, which I co-chaired in 2007, Girl Guides, and MentorPlace.

i aspire to work with technology and kids. in particular, i want to figure out how to engage girls in technology at a young age. i think scratch is the coolest, and have run several workshops to teach teachers about the tool and how they can use it in the classroom. there’s information on the workshops available online.

i think using technology for social purposes, such as social networking, is amazingly powerful. so i spent a lot of time with my cousin talking about her cool projects like story2oh!, a new media experiment that looks at telling a story online and hailey hacks. new ideas make me excited.

i spent three months (Jan – April 2006) in Nagasaki where I was interning with Guy Healy Japan. i was supposed to be working on curriculum and materials development for english teaching in elementary schools while improving my japanese. in reality, i taught english and drank sake, picking up the occasional word of japanese here and there 🙂

in my free time i do all sorts of things like play wii, cook, and attend lots of weddings (i have more than 6 in 2010!). i’m currently taking a break from belly dancing. i trained and ran 4 half marathons (one two three four) between September 28 2008 and May 30 2010. now I’m trying to get crossfit.

lastly, i’m not actually blurry in real life.