the whereabouts of my cell phone have been uncertain for the past week or so. i mean, whenever i go out, i check the two/three places the phone *should be*, and give up. i mean, there’s no way it’s lost, it’s just under something, right?

well, today i resolved to find it. and i did.
i called airways transit and it turns out that a cell phone matching my phone’s description was turned in (i took the airporter back last monday, and that was also the last time i used my phone).

so i just got back from going to pick it up. after confusing Northland with Northfield, and getting an insightful look into what goes on at the Airways Transit office, I was less than thrilled to find out that the phone wasn’t mine (actually, they had a few… does no one look for their phone when they loose it except me?).

but as i mentioned above, i did find it!
got home just now, all pissed off, and what’s sitting in my room in perhaps the first or second place i always look? my cellphone.

meh, such is life. at least i got two bottles of yellow tail out of the deal (the LCBO on Northfield has some left!)

i’ve also resolved to finish my UI assignment today, so i best be getting to work on that…

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