Mt Misen and Okonomiyaki

Moved from Osaka to Hiroshima on Sunday. Good thing we have rail passes because we missed our first train. Would have been an expensive mistake, but for us it just makes the rail passes a more worthwhile investment by increasing how much we have saved in rail fares.

Here we’ve been staying with a friend of a friend of a friend (British Steve) in a pimping apartment that is bigger than a normal apartment back home. Having the best time – so good that we might just head back here for Saturday night’s July 4th celebrations (yes, it’s on July third but whatever). Sure it’s a three hour detour from our route, but we’ve got rail passes (and free accomodation here!), so why not!?

Sunday we saw some of the sites, and ate Japanese omlettes for lunch and a traditional Japanese dinner. We sat on the floor and ate unidentifiable stuff. It was yum.

Yesterday we went to Miyajima and ate Okonomiyaki in this building that is 4 stories of just Okonomiayaki places. Yum.

We climed My Misen at Miyajima, and it took like 3 hours up and was very hot. I sweat through my money belt and my passport and rail pass. it was gross. and i felt like sharing.

We’re going to go and finish up Hiroshima before heading to Fukoka this afternoon…

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