Hells and Heaven

We:re in Beppu now (pronounced BEH-pu) and are having a great time. Saw the nine hells in an hour and a half (it involved some jogging to the last two, but since we had our all hell pass, we were going to do i). There was the sign that said ‘do not fall in or you will be boiled’ which was pretty cool. I took a gazillion pictures which will no doubt fail to convey how cool it really was.

Then went to an Onsen – japanese hot spring. For 700 Yen got to take a sand bath (TOO HOT – scalded my legs) and waterfall baths and other hot baths. The landscaping was amazing. You:re naked like in the garden of eden. Spent like 2 hours just relaxing. It was fantastic. Heaven.

Today is Aso, tomorrow HARMONY LAND!

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