July 4th (on July 3rd)

Rail passes are nice. They make taking the train free. And since trains here are so comfy, and airconditioned, that can be a nice break. Plus each trip is so expensive, the more we take the train the more we are saving from having a rail pass.

So anyway, our friends in Hiroshima invited us to a party to celebrate July 4 on Sat night. And so we headed there after harmony land, arriving at about 7;00. We went to the party (in someone:s apt) at around 9, where Lori and I preceeded to get hammered in about 10 minutes.

The music was fun – got excited for Crazy in Love – and the company was random. Lot:s of foreign Ford Employees (mostly men), and then Japanese women. These Fordians do have pimping apartments, so I guess I would hang out with them too 🙂

We were home and in bed by 12:30. I managed to fall on the way and skin both my knees, so now I:m walking around looking like a 5 year old.

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