Mt Aso

Mt Aso is a volcano that we visited on a day trip from Beppu. What we didn@t realize is that it:s actually about three hours away from Beppu, and that the train/bus schedule is totally sporadic. Not only were trains infrequent (1st was at 8:00, and the next was at noon), you have to wait at the other end for a bus once you did get there. And the last bus back is at 5. We are just spoiled from the trains that seem to run frequently between everywhere else in Japan (at least once an hour!)

Alas, after realizing it would take us until about 3;00 to get to the mountain – making the three hour hike a no go – we still decided to make the journey there.

It was awesome! I:ve never seen an active volcano before. And I mean, you could see bubbling in the crator:s lake, and see the Sulfuric Acid being produced. There were lots of signs about how asthmatics shouldn:t go near the peak, but the wind was blowing the fumes away from us so it was okay.

They even had a sticker machine int he gift store so I have photo stickers of Lori and I at Mt. Aso. Yeah, so our 2 hours at the volcano was worth the 6 hours of travelling.

Oh yeah, some Japanese guy had his picture taken with Lori and I. Being a foreigner in Japan is like being a B list celebrity – everyone looks at us and points as if they know who we are. And they either want to talk to you, or laugh at you.

That night we chilled in the hostel:s Onsen (they didn:t have actual shower showers – only the ones you use before/after the onsen) before heading to bed.

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