Hurray for Motivation!

Today Lori and I had an adventure. Having found an interesting beverage, called Bickle Juice, in a vending machine I found myself being called to by the spirit of Spiderman. I then bought Lori a bottle of Bickle so that she too could be enlightened and before long, she also heard him calling.

Spiderman beckoned us to the Pagoda here in Kyoto. He told us that he was upset with it’s colouring – that he would like a Purple Pagoda. And as the possesors of his spirit, we were responsible for this colour change.

So Lori, the climbing expert, scaled up the five stories of the Pagoda unnoticed. She then tossed me a rope, which I attached to my belt loops, and hoisted me up to the roof with her.

But before we began painting, we realized that the rumbling inside us was in fact gas. We quickly found the nearest washroom and are doing much better now.

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