Hi and Bye!

So tomorrow I head back to camp in the AM. As much fun as camp was, this is way more fun. I have 2 little sisters, Himawari (Hi-chan – 6 years old) and Akari (19 months). They are the cutest.

Hichan can say `Jenn, come here!` perfectly, so we get along great so long as I listen when she calls. And watching a one year old say no to chocolate and then reach for another piece of raw fish makes me laugh.

My mom, Mika, and Dad, Masao are wonderful. Mika speaks english very well and is able to help the flow of conversation between me and the other fam members.

Yes, my Japanese has improved most definately. Akari is the best teacher because she repeats things. I can now say `Dako` (= hold me!), `Ita` (= ow) and `Una deh!` (= I made poo). I also am quickly becoming an expert on Anpanman who, new to me, is the bomb-diggity to all pre-school children. And totoro too. I can even sing the first few lines of the Totoro song.

Sightseeing highlights the past few days include the Kirin brewery, a candy museum, a Japanese pottery museum where I got to make a plate, a lunch boat cruise in Kobe and Himeji castle today! What an awesome few days…

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