Other Randomness

A few more things of note:

  • On my last homestay. It is going to be so sad to say goodbye. I love this family. They are amazing.
  • Went shopping near the train station where i got picked up. We were in a fancy department store, looking at their food stuff (the basement floor is all food in dept stores here) and saw my first SQUARE WATERMELLON (dont worry ben, I have pics). A woman stopped to tell me about how they make them – you put a small watremellon into a box, and then it is forced to grow into that shape. She told me it is fruit abuse. I love when people speak english to me.

    And not to forget what is most important:

  • I can sing a camp song in Japanese! Yay!
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    1. hi, i’m jenn » Blog Archive » sanda ikimasho! Says:

      […] yes, i’m off to visit the old host family! tomorrow (tonight, i guess) i’m off to Sanda. it’s a city between osaka and kobe. i can’t wait to see them all – especially the little girls. i’ll be back sunday night. […]

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