I’m still EXITEd…

Now, for a riddle: What’s sweatier than a day at Canada’s Wonderland in 35 degree (95 for all you Americans) heat?

The Go! Team Concert.

Yeah, so Carl and I made it to the venue at 7:15 (doors at 8, they come on at 10:30). We found scalpers, but they wanted mucho $$ so we decided to try our hand at finding tickets. Had a great time trying to pick out which of the people walking by would know what we were talking about if we asked if they had any tickets. If I had thought ahead, I might have printed us a bingo card to help pass the time. Instead we made friends with the scalper who told us all about the different metal shows he’s seen.

2 hours later, when not a single passer so far had any extra tickets, I made a deal with my new friend and bought one of his tickets. Carl, who is on a different budget, opted out. So at this point I’m totally psyched to be going to the show. I go to the door, hand the bouncer my ticket and he asks to see ID. No problem.

Yeah, right.

Turns out my wallet was sans licence. BAH. Figures, eh?

Lucky for me the bouncers were male and I looked good. After a little bit of coaxing they let me right in.*

I’ve never done the concert thing on my own before. Stood around the bar trying to pass myself off as “hip”. Then I recognized a kid who was also looking to buy a ticket outside, so I made friends with him. Adam, who has just finished First Year at Guelph, and I enjoyed the show very much. I can’t speak for him, but I know I’ve never danced so hard or been so sweaty in my entire life. Lucky for me, no one I know was there to validate that last statement.

And that’s the end to my EXITEing day.

*Okay, that’s not what really happened. It just makes me sound cooler than admitting that I called home and had my parents bring me my passport (I love you Dad! Thanks so much!). Though for the record I did look good.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    thanks to the wonders of cut and paste, i too can read the fine print. and so i did. and did it diminish the story in any way? i dont think it did. however, i do believe Joel deserves a “shout-out” instead of being relegated to the fine print. maybe next post….well i will do it here: props to Joel.

  2. leo leo leo leo Says:

    wooot wooot! do you have photos? pictures?


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