I take the same route to work every day. In order to avoid some of the busy stretches, I drive a road through an industrial area. A few months ago I noticed a group of guys picketing outside of one of the offices. Unfortunately, since they are on the other side of the road, I couldn’t read their signs and never really knew what they were all about. I did notice a parking lot full of Bell Canada mini vans though.

Anyway, back then, they’d sit outside, bundled up in winter coats and jackets. Sometimes there was even a fire roaring in a garbage can. It looked pretty fun, actually.

As the weather got warmer, the fire was traded in for a cooler. They would lounge around on lawn chairs as if they were in someone’s back yard. Looked even more fun.

Every day, without fail, they were there.

But yesterday I didn’t see anyone outside. Today they weren’t there either, AND I noticed Bell minivans *leaving* the parking lot. After a bit of research I found out that the strike is over.

I’m going to miss those guys.

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