Fake Prom 2005

Once upon a time there was a city named Toronto. This city had many things to keep its residents busy. There were clubs and bars and concerts galore. Even festivals to celebrate the diverse people of the land. But on August 6, 2005 the city hosted a Prom for all to enjoy. What better reason to dress in pretty clothes and dance the night away!
After a drinks by the rooftop terrace…

… off we went to join our fellow prom people…
… perhaps a little bit skeptical of the night ahead…
But as we approached the red carpet, our hesitation was replaced with sheer excitement.
And we danced…
… and danced …
… and then we danced some more.

Some of us even won the couple dance off!
But we all danced. And we all had fun. And we all rejoiced together!

Thank you Prom Committee. Here’s to prom 2006!

2 Responses to “Fake Prom 2005”

  1. superintendent reibling Says:

    Hey there –

    Superintendent Reibling here from the Fake Prom Committee! I’m wondering if you could give me the names of the Couples Dance Contest winners. We like to keep records of these things, but unfortunately didn’ catch their names on the evening of Fake Prom. Drop me a line (dylan@fakeprom.com)

    Superintendent Reibilng

  2. jmo Says:

    U’re so pretty jen!

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