please perforate your tickets

please perforate your tickets
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Saturday I had a wonderful film festival experience. Started by seeing Souvenir of Canada with Adam, Emily Rose, and Becca. Boy did they do a terrific job. The movie was hilarious and made me love canada even more than i already did.

I also got a kick out of hearing Douglas Coupland’s voice, both as a narrator of the movie and also during the Q&A. He’s wonderfully quirky and random.

We then stood around to see the celbs arrive for the next movie, which was the premiere of Winter Passing. Once boredom set in we headed over to the Duke of Cambridge to join in the post Souvenir of Canada festivities. I saw Coupland from a distance but didn’t go and talk to him because I was just too scared.

We followed this with dinner at an unpretentious Thai place on Bloor, followed by a leisurely stroll through Yorkville to the soundtrack of shrieking star seekers who were crowded outside of the Four Seasons.

Ended up the evening on the Rock with our souvenirs of canada. You know, you can’t stop the rock.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    We showed Souvenir too!!! Everyone loved it! Screw TIFF, come to Cinéfest next year! 😛

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