doraemon and cooking lessons

on sunday we woke up and made miso soup from scratch for breakfast. Nachan is my cooking sensei as well as my japanese sensei. i got a sweet deal.

then i met a few of nachan’s customers who seemed to come an hour early to talk to me before their appointments (i feel like her exotic pet). we made curry rice for lunch.

at 1:30 my new friend, hireki, who speaks english super well and french better than me, took me to see the doraemon exhibit at the museum. it was fun. lots of japanese kids.

then i ate nabeh with lots of nachan’s friends and eric. the trip to the supermarket was super fun, and cooking was great. I got to cut the Gobo, and also the Daikon (radish). Nabeh is a hot pot family style meal — there’s a hot plate with soup and you keep throwing things in. Meat, veggies, tofu, whatever. As you eat and the bowl empties, you throw more in. Lots of fun. I spilled all over myself, which was entertaining to everyone else. Heh.

oh! when i walked to the train station to get eric, i ran into ogawa-san — a friend from Friday night! man, i’ve been here for 4 days and already know people around town. hehe 🙂

after i was told we were going to a bar where the owners wanted to meet us (= eric and myself). we walked downtown to sunny side, and met kaiko and her husband jeff (both japanese). they were super nice and very impressed with my ability to ask for more drinks. they even ordered us pizza. kendall and his girlfriend Yuka met up with us. i think we’ll go back there with the other interns.

it’s funny — every time i go to a bar i’m told it’s a “new year” party. now, the new year was a few weeks ago. and i haven’t seen/done any new year related stuff when i’ve been out. if i should figure it out, i’ll let you know.

also, until now eric has been living with kendall. but it seems that last night there was a couple that is “interested” in taking him into their home. they wanted to meet him first, which was one of the reasons we had to go there in the first place. we’re waiting to hear if the adolption is final, but things are looking good.

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  1. Ana Says:

    Ohayoo Jenn-san! Akemashite Omedetoo! (Happy New Year)

    The reason why everyone keeps saying it’s a ” New Year” party is because Japanese keep welcoming the New Year for some time after New Year’s. Inclusive, you are supposed to greet every one you know with ‘Akemashite Omedetoo’ the first time you see them after New Year’s. You do this until about mid-January.



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