on Wednesday we got an assignment. we were given money, and told to go to the Starbucks downtown and sit and observe customers and staff for an hour. we weren’t to talk to each other. well, that was fun. and first chad and i hit up a kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi place that was 100yen a plate (less than $1). there were definitely some interesting things going around the belt. pictures below.
afterwards, i had a drink from starbucks that cost more than my lunch at the sushi place – a marshmellow mocha – and did my homework like the good student i am. we still haven’t done any debrief so i’ll let you know when i find out what the point of that was.

actually, let’s make this a contest: whoever can correctly guess *why* we had to sit and observe in starbucks for an hour wins a prize!

this might just be the japanese version of freedom fries fried shrimp maki. feels like home. choosy chad chosing hot dog sushi. i think it's a bad joke. our homework - go to starbucks and observe. i had a marshmellow mocha.

4 Responses to “assignment”

  1. Jeff Says:

    your boss is so trying to steal the secret of the “perfect temperature for steamed milk” that Japanese Starbucks so secretly hoards.

    either that, or the people in starbucks are ordering in english, or something stupid like that.

  2. Resh Says:

    God — this one is too hard.
    I have no clue at all.

  3. Jeff Says:

    based on careful research (such as reading the writing in jenn’s notepad in the picture), i will say that one of the things that she observed was whether more people were buying hot drinks or cold drinks, and i do believe given the weather more people were buying cold.

    using this invaluable clue to figure out why they were at starbucks, i can only come to this conclusion:

    your boss really wanted you guys out of the office because you were giving him a headache with all the racket (people searching for pencils, etc).

  4. Adam Says:

    Whatever the reason, it sounds like fun! Is your boss looking to hire anyone else? Seriously.

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