last night

yesterday we decided to go out (read: “Jenn your dad says we’re going out”). first we went to ginambo. there i played some kendama. it took awhile, but with mama-san’s coaching i caught the ball.

ken[dama] i do it!? look! i ken[dama] do it! practicing in ginambo

mama-san wasn’t the only one coaching. kendall was trying to help eric have a date with a girl. quite amusing to watch. you can see a picture of the two of them team emailing her…
kendall teaching his apprentice

the rest of the night was pretty fun. hit up albert’s diablo, fiesta and then to osaka-te for okonomiyaki and grilled squid. okonomiyaki is definitely one of the greatest after bar foods – i think it comes second only to poutine.
let's make okonomiyaki! kendal explains to everyone he speaks no englishoishi-so kendall posing for my mom (and his girlfriend)

in the last picture kendall is posing for my mom (and his girlfriend). heh.
tonight i’m taking full advantage of the couch and tv and space and heater.

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