yaki niku + nomihodai = yucky niku

on wednesday we had a “welcome party” — a little late, but meh. well, it was also because we worked all of last weekend and this was our compensation since we don’t get paid. so it was the 5 interns, guy, kendall and then coach Yamasaki. anyway, the night started off at a Yaki Niku place, where we ate kobe beef until we couldn’t. The meat was totally marbled. It was amazing. I even tried a piece raw.

jenn and amanda the men. Do-it-yourself Yaki Niku coach and guy. apparently coach is famous. jenn, coach and guy

Afterwards, we headed over to Tin Pan Alley for Nomihodai (all you can drink). Needless to say, there was much fun and dancing. The best was definitely their performace of “like a virgin” – which sounded more like “like a bersion”.

kendall isn't a good dancer he's a scary dancer... eric smells bad chilling with chad dancing i got new stockings. i ripped them. tin pan alley. hoteru california.

Then, after a quick print club stop, we realized we had lost Kendall. First we checked for him at Albert’s and then we were off to Sunny Side. On the way there we bumped into him, and inside we met up with Guy and coach (they had left Tin Pan Alley earlier than us). In the bar we had a jam session which was awesome. Videos in the next post.

print club. i think this was our best print club ever. i'm so not sharing. jess is a bitch chad's beats

After that, everyone headed for food to Osaka-Tei. I wasn’t hungry and headed back to the office with Chad and Amanda. Anyway, it was a great night. Though the lesson we all learned is that Nomihodai and Yaki Niku are probably better left to seperate nights.

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  1. Jeff Says:

    2 Questions:

    1. Did you know you were going to all-you-can-drink after the all-you-can-eat?

    2. Assuming you did not know, would it have changed your decision? or are you sufficiently Japanese Party-Hardcore at this point, that nothing gets in the way of a little “Sake it to Me, Baby” action?

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