i did it

i got a Canon IXY Digital 60 (i think it’s equivalent to an SD450)

after lots of soul searching and talking with friends i decided to stick with canon. i know we’ll have a long and happy life together.

i nearly delayed a few more days*, but Amanda helped me make the plunge. her slogan should be “Just Buy It”. In fact, I think I’ll make a bracelet that says WWAD for times like these.

hm, what am i going to use all my Yamada Denki points on… The 2 of the other interns ordered Play Station 2s and Final Fantasy 12s. It’s a package that comes bundled with the game and a PS2 with the logo etched on it. That’s something I don’t want to buy.

and no pics yet — i need to get some work done today, so left my mac at home.

*yes, the IXY 70 is out this week, but bottom line is i don’t need any of the features in the upgrade.

4 Responses to “i did it”

  1. Mom Says:

    Clearly Amanda and I live buy the same rule: “Just buy it!” Happy pics Jenn

  2. Gil Says:

    What the heck are Yamada Denki points? If you see a cheap PS2 let me know. I need one solely for the purpose of playing Dance Dance Revolution, which I wanted so bad I bought without having my own playstation. I’m with stupid.

  3. jenn Says:

    i’m not sure if the japanese PS2s work with american games. and how much would be a *cheap* ps2?

  4. Jeff Says:

    you know whats the best part? you provided a link to a website showing your new camera…unfortunately all of the writing is in japanese….so it looks really pretty, but thats about all i know.

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