first, fukuoka

we got a lot to catch up on. on the 11th i spent the day with Rie and her lovely family. They brough me to Fukuoka for the day. we did a lot of siteseeing, and a little bit of shopping. We saw the Yahoo! Dome, and ate lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. It was weird to see a menu with American food on it. I ordered a cobb salad – it was huge! Man, coming home will be weird. It was also the first time I’ve seen yellow mustard since arriving. And the most popular kind of ketchup here is Kagome – to have Heinz was such a luxury. Though, come to think of it, I really don’t have ketchup that much at all. Nevertheless, I was excited.

Rie and her husband wanted to know what is the most popular item on the menu in Canada. They ended up with some BBQed sandwich, and a “Irish Club Sandwich” — something off the St. Paddy’s day special menu. It was interesting explaining that while this is a restaraunt at home, the only people who eat there are tourists. Hm…

Anyway, the afternoon was jam packed with shopping at Canal City. Finally, we headed back home with a quick stop for sushi on the way! It’s sad, though, that I don’t think I’ll see them again before I go home. It’s amazing how time flies.

Pictures below.

the Yahoo! dome hardrock in the fukuoka hard rock at the hard rock cafe in fukuoka. it's the first time i've seen mustard since i got here! JAL hotel eye spy with my little eye something that is oishii!

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