Gambare Erin!

The mutant has her fashion show coming up this weekend. She’s been presiding over it for the past year and it’s finally upon us! And well timed to0 – it’s saturday night when I arrive home.
Anyway, here’s a picture of her from the cover of a magazine in KTown. The other folks are her co-pres and the head choreo. If you’re in or near k-town this weekend, pick up a ticket and check it out!

Erin's magazine Cover

2 Responses to “Gambare Erin!”

  1. Mu Says:

    loving the free promotion since we are for charity after all. sat night’s sold out!!!! AAAAAAAAH there are officially over 800 people who want to see me dance…i’m so flattered!! love you and still sad you won’t be there.

  2. Gil Says:

    My friend Jess is in that fashion show. I won’t be able to see it but if anyone goes, post some pictures!

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