back with baggage

it wasn’t easy, but i made it back with all my luggage in tow.
amanda helped me to the train station, and i managed to get the bags onto the train which took me from Nagasaki to Hakata.
someone who worked on the train helped me off of the train and into Hakata station, leaving me near the subway.
i couldn’t find the subway elevator, so after a near tumble down the escalator a nice man helped me get my bags to the entrance and through the gate.
from there another escalator ride to the subway, and subway ride to the airport.
another nice guy helped me get my bags off the train and into the terminal.

at the check-in counter the nice woman informed me that my bag was about 9kg overweight — to check it in would cost more than 60,000 JPY (about $600). Um, I was expecting it to cost me $200, but $600 was a bit much. Anyway, I figured out that if I bought and checked in a third bag, then the cost would be much less (<$200). And so they kept my big ass bags while I shopped for a third one. I unloaded the extra weight and we were all good. They were so nice and helpful about it too... I love Japanese politeness. oh, there was a casualty. my heart pillow didn't make it home. i definitely had it on the plane from osaka to vancouver (i slept on it) but i must have dropped it somewhere in vancouver airport trying to make my quick transfer. it did serve its purpose well though and will be missed... *sigh*

5 Responses to “back with baggage”

  1. Mom Says:

    I was looking for that pillow….guess you’ll just have to stay home!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Welcome back!

  3. Christine Says:

    japan misses you!
    pizzamans (pizzamen?) are also gone.. they sell them only in fall/winter. sigh.

  4. N Says:

    I was so excited to read your blog this morning! You’re back in Canada! yay!
    You should celebrate by eating many many beavertails!

  5. Jeff Says:

    You certainly are not back in Canada. Word on the street is that you ditched us for sunny New York.

    What? We aren’t good enough for you? Huh? Huh?

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