computers can do WHAT?

interesting article from Popular Science: John Koza Has Built an Invention Machine

at first i was scared — if computers can come up with ideas, then who needs people? soon machines will come up with the idea of getting rid of us… or making a virtual reality world and using us as their batteries… the HORROR. the only thing worse would be if everyone in that VR world spoke like Keanu Reeves.

but then i had a comforting realization — what computer would ever be able to come up with a way to open a bottle of Smirnoff Ice on a train from kita-matsudo to shibuya in Tokyo at midnight WITHOUT a bottle opener? That’s right. Team MacGyver (aka jenn and christine) can kick Mr. Koza’s Machine’s ass. Or box. Whatever. Bring it.

2 Responses to “computers can do WHAT?”

  1. willol Says:

    you’re never online

  2. Christine Says:

    yep. mac gyver would kick a computers ass in a bottle-opening competition any day!

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