something worth blogging about

The Mac commercials: As not seen on TV.

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  1. Ellie Says:

    Hi Jenn,

    I finally got your blog. Its soooo savy, that it makes me feel rather um, small. I tremble at your computer greatness. Did you know, that I didn’t know that you spell your name “Jenn” with two “n”‘s – I always thought it was just one “n”. Did you also know that if you spread your arms out to your sides (horizontally speaking), the distance between your two middle fingers equals your exact height (vertically speaking).

    Also, who the @#$% says “horizontally speaking” and/or “vertically speaking” ???

    Bye for now.


  2. jenn Says:

    ellie, that’s my purpose in life – make you feel small. vertically speaking of course.

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