geek gene?

There’s an article in the Toronto Star today about WIT day at CASCON (which is tomorrow! AH!).

Q But how is it that women can juggle making computers with making babies?

Q But are the babies disruptive to the computers? How do you trust babies around all that sensitive equipment?

BAH! The article makes me SO mad.

But Sacha’s post about it made me laugh a lot. And helped me stop shaking. I’ll work on an email to Jen Gerson over the weekend.

I can’t wait to ask Telle what she thought of it tomorrow

edit: There’s an article in the Metro today that interviewed me and Kelly Lyons. Cool!


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  1. Stephen Says:

    The joy of internet allowed me to track down Jen Gerson ( and send her a (moderately) polite email asking what she was thinking. She responded with a single, short sentence explaining that it was satirical. I responded that it wasn’t satirical, it was offensive. And thus, at this late hour, it stands.

    Reading the Toronto Star article should be done only by those of strong stomach and preferrably in the company of people who will help you control your natural inclinations.

    And, Jen, you really shouldn’t mock a website that may very well be older than you are!

  2. Dominique Simoneau-Ritchie Says:

    You thought that article of hers was innapropriate and disrespectful to women? Wait until you read the following article she wrote, which also makes excellent use of stereotypes:

    Women rule schools

    “are the arts departments at major universities just the new secretarial schools?”

    “Jen Gerson: And what the hell is someone going to do with a women’s studies degree?”

    Although its an interesting concept for an article, I think this gal hasn’t quite figured how to formulate a thought-provoking sentence that isn’t insulting to someone, or worse yet, an entire demographic!

  3. Administrator Says:

    Dominique, I think that Jen might just exist to drive people like us crazy.
    Stephen – I’m surprised (and a tad disapointed) I haven’t noticed any letters to the editor on the subject.
    In any case, makes me feel good about my family’s decision to not get the Star anymore.

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