i’m working towards my first 10K.

half marathon? maybe one day.

as far as i’m concerned, running a full marathon is for the crazies.
but then i saw this and realized that some are crazier than others (but we already knew that about astronauts)

2 Responses to “running”

  1. Hex Says:

    I am jealous of everyone who’s running these days. After the Disastrous Fall of the Sprained Ankles (4 times! Yes 4 sprained ankles – I sprained each one twice), I am terrified to run anywhere but the treadmill. And I find the treadmill really, really boring.

  2. Nicole Says:

    GOOD LUCK!!!! I’m so proud of you! Maybe next year I’ll do the 10k!!! I’ll be thinking of you too!

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