Well, Hellooooo Kitty!

This morning I got an email forwarded to me from my [soon-to-be Polish] friend Erin. Her friend, Eric, was looking for a home for a Hello Kitty “hand” Massager. And, given my Hello Kitty room, Erin thought I could provide it with a very good home.

Upon receiving my [overly?] enthusiastic response, Eric immediately delivered it to my cube. Here’s what it looks like:

I immediately hid it in my bag. But being the curious person that I am, googled and found the following:

In 1997, Genyo designed a product that would live in infamy: the Hello Kitty vibrating shoulder massager, which really is a shoulder massager (trust us — it says so on the package). Sanrio approved this design without batting an eye, and the product enjoyed modest sales in toy shops and in family restaurants like Denny’s and Coco’s. It wasn’t until 1999 or so that people began to catch on to the fact that the Hello Kitty massager had other potential uses, and with amazing speed, they started popping up in adult videos in Japan. The next thing anyone knew, they had changed into a cult adult item, sold in vending machines in love hotels — after all, what self-respecting man wouldn’t buy his girl a Hello Kitty vibrator when she asked him for one?

Needless to say, Genyo was raided for tax evasion and Sanrio yanked the license from them. No more “hand” massagers. *tear*

In any case, thanks to Erin and Eric, my Hello Kitty collection has reached new heights!

5 Responses to “Well, Hellooooo Kitty!”

  1. Baron Says:

    You left today before I could come by to investigate the “toy”. There are so many comments I could make here, but I won’t.

  2. Stephen Says:

    I’m waiting for Jenn’s mother’s comment…..

  3. kellyd Says:


    I’m … speechless.

    Be sure to check out hello kitty hell for more wonderful hello kitty products. 😀

  4. Administrator Says:

    Wow! I think i’m soulmates with hellokittyhell’s wife.

  5. Hex Says:

    Hmm, I am not sure I want to be thanked for this 🙂

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