why i am technically challenged

as you’ve realized, my parents are in China. so I’ve taken over their house.
there’s no food in the fridge, no annex fun in walking distance, nor are my super awesome parents around to talk to. so, you ask, why am i here? that’s easy! dad got a new TV.
yes, we’ve entered the 21st century now! an HDTV and PVR to boot! and life with a PVR is GREAT.
i mean, when someone called during Beauty and Geek, I was able to pause the prom scene and take the call. And now I get to watch the rest — commercial free! it’s like prime time, any time! ALL the time in fact! i get home from work and have an episode of 90210 to watch. if i ever get cable (and that’s a big if), i’m definitely going to get a PVR. or maybe i should move back home.

(and by the way, i’m not actually allowed to use the TV because my dad got mad i didn’t take him seriously during the “how to use the new TV” lesson. but who can blame me when his first instruction was “wash your hands before touching the remote”. i can only post this because my dad is more technically challenged than me and still doesn’t know what a blog is. hm, maybe the TC is genetic…)

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  1. Erin Says:

    Isn’t it funny how we have responsible jobs in the technology industry, yet are both so technically challenged. I can’t make anything electronic work at my house.

    I would kill for some North American PVR right now.

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