wrong vs. right

they have a toy drive going on at work. someone donated a newly wrapped, cute hello kitty stuffed animal. i want it.

is it wrong if i take it and replace it with another gift? another two gifts?

sigh. that’s what i thought. but i figured it was worth checking.

3 Responses to “wrong vs. right”

  1. Frisco Del Rosario Says:

    You did the right thing!

  2. Stephen Says:

    Knowing Jenn, I’m not sure if she figured it was worth checking and left the Hello Kitty stuffie or she checked and left *3* replacements and took it.


  3. jenn Says:

    you’re so funny stephen. good timing on the duck.
    and kitty-chan is still in her box. i think my hello kitty room would be much more suitable, but i’m sure she’ll be happy where ever she ends up.

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