mental un-health day

today my plan was to work from home. i had an appointment midmorning, and then a houseguest arriving from Winnipeg in the afternoon, so it made sense for me to stay here.

but this morning when i went to set myself up, i didn’t have my power supply. so i realized i needed to drive into work to pick it up.

fine. i’d go after my appointment at 11:30, and be home by 12:30.

not the case. it took 40 minutes to get from Avenue to the DVP along bloor. Then the DVP was a disaster, so I got off at Don Mills north. But Don Mills was a disaster so I turned to go south. And got lost. Very lost.

it seems i don’t have friends with day jobs (and the ones i do aren’t my friends anymore because they didn’t answer my calls) so i ended up calling my father to google map my way to familiar territory.

after that frustrating conversation (“no dad, i don’t have a “TO” address, i just want you to find where i am on the map”, “NO dad, click and drag to move the map around”, “NO dad i cannot calm down”), i found myself northbound on victoria park.

i arrived at work 2 hours later.

and then my power supply wasn’t there.

so, more than three hours after i started my journey north, i got home and was working with the loaner power supply i got from the office. i am going mental.

(i’ve since located the power supply. it was in my purse all along, in case you were curious.)

the worst part about this mental health day is that i’ve spent the entire day GOING mental. i always thought they were to help preserve sanity. so clearly i should take an official one tomorrow to recover.

6 Responses to “mental un-health day”

  1. Baron Says:

    We’re in a fight.

  2. Baron's Ex-Teamlead Says:

    You should’ve called me or Erin, because that’s where her house is. Duh!

  3. Stephen Says:

    That blond hair dye job is really working out for you…

  4. Reshma Says:

    Of course it was in your purse. If you had called me I would have told you to check there.

  5. jenn Says:

    anyone know where my ipod is?

  6. Reshma Says:

    Check your gym bag.

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