so the internet at the hotel won’t let me post to my blog. nothing about the government watching me, but posts just won’t go through. pretty frustrating after writing a great one and then losing it completely. so i’m getting my mom to post them on my behalf.

today lori and i are walking from one end of nanjing street to the other. it’s the 5th avenue of shanghai. there’s a huge square with a park — called People’s Square — at about the halfway point. the weather is a beautiful and sunny spring day so we decided to sit under a tree and enjoy our apples which we stole from the breakfast buffet. some young chinese kids started talking to us. they’re visiting from a province in eastern china and spoke amazing english. they were really excited to talk to foreigners – was almost like being back in japan. one of the girls, jing jing, decided to call lori sister because she looks like her brother’s (actually they call cousins brothers/sisters here) girlfriend. and so tonight we got tickets to see acrobats with them. they got kinda shrieky after a bit, so lori and i split back up from them but we’ll see them later tonight. will be good that we’re seeing what the locals see rather than what the tour books tell us. and now we’ll continue walking.

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