we’re in lijiang’s old town. it’s the opposite of shanghai. i keep sayign to lori it’s like being in some chinese theme park.

we also got ripped off for the first time (well, at least knowingly). we got in a cab, and after he drove away from the airport told us it would cost 80RMBto get where we needed to go. we tried to bargain, or at least put on the meter, but he wasn't having any of it. so we had to admit defeat. the guide book says it's about a 60RMBride, so for the 20RMB (about $3)it’s not the end of the world.

we’re staying in a naxi guest house that took forever to find, and i kinda miss our hotel. there’s a pretty courtyard, but the showers/bathrooms are shared. and the bathrooms are squatters without doors. or walls between them. or flushing ability. here’s to roughing it!

but there’s a tibetean restaurant with english menus and vegetarian food. after taking a flight that served us pork wtih rice or pork with noodles, and then another that served us pork in a bun, it was a nice lunch outside on their patio. in the sun. glad i brought a hat.

the old city, where we’re staying, is a literal maze of cobblestone roads with gift shops and restaurants and cafes… it’s amazing.

now we’re working out the details of our hike that starts tomorrow. the logistics with making sure we’re back in lijiang in time to get our flight are a little complex. but we should be gone for 2 days… if you don’t hear from me by friday then you should be concerned. teehee.

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