in china, tissues are your friend. i mean, i’ve been dependant for a few reasons:

  • my nose is runny (and i’m not into blowing it onto the street like locals)
  • they don’t give you napkins at restaurants
  • many washrooms don’t have toilet paper
  • fancy stores give you tissues so your makeup doesn’t come off on their dresses

when i bought tissues i learned that china likes scented tissues. now i have two packs of tissues that are smell like really awful mens cologne. when i blow my nose, i end up sneezing.

lori and i bought a 10 pack of tissues (for less than a dollar) before leaving for our hike. they are much closer to napkins in consistency, and have a softer feminine scent. so i blow my nose with those, and now have a red nose. (it’s not red from the hiking sun like lori says, i swear).

that’s all.

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