161/365 – eat your veggies

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in may sometime i was at the grocery store and noticed a weird vegetable called a fiddlehead. they were so funny looking, and i had absolutely no idea what to do with them or how they taste. well, i ended up in line behind someone that was buying a whole bag of them, and decided to ask her. she told me you just steam them and that they taste like spinach. so i tried them, and while i can’t say i’m a huge fan of the taste, i’m amused enough by how they look and their texture to have tried them a few times. besides, they’re supposed to be in season for, like, a month, so no biggie.

anyway, i was in line with my bag of fiddleheads a few days ago, and the guy behind me asked me what they were and how you make them. teehee.

2 Responses to “fiddleheads”

  1. Jill Says:

    Fiddleheads are great because they are one of the first local vegetables we can get in early spring. On the downside is the bitter taste. We get some every year and steam or saute them but once a year is pretty much enough for me.

  2. jenn Says:

    Yeah, I won’t be sad when they’re not in the grocery store anymore. You’d think that they’d taste sweeter, given how much they look like lollipops!

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