running up my visa bill

last year i ran 10k. after the 10k in may, i stopped running outdoors.

now that i’m back to running outside 3 times a week, i’ve purchased the following:

  1. three long sleeve running shirts (i’m a geisha)
  2. two running skirts
  3. a running hat (i had one from last year too)
  4. new sneakers
  5. 2 pairs of running socks (so now i have 4 total)
  6. Nike+ so i know how far i’ve run (i stole noah’s nano so i didn’t have to buy that thankfully)

What I can’t believe is how the list keeps on growing. I now need to figure out what gel/gummies to eat midrun so that i don’t bonk (side note – I wish bonking was as fun as it sounded! it’s like the opposite of fun.) and how to carry water with me. I also need to get a geeky fuel belt. Not to mention a few more long sleeved tops so I don’t have to do laundry once a week. And now that I’m biking for my crosstraining, I am thinking about getting a pair of padded shorts cause man that bike seat hurts.
Really I will soon need to get a second JOB so I can pay for all this stuff.

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  1. Heather Says:

    Oooh oooh! I love talking “gear”! Here’s some of my advice:

    As for Gels – I like the “Gu” brand best – they seem slightly smaller and fit in pockets easier, they have really good flavours, the consistency is tolerable, and they don’t seem quite as sugary some how. It really is a personal preference though, so you may want to try a few others…

    I also recommend getting some gatorade powder to mix into your fuel belt. The gatorade is a nice compromise on days when you do a 12 or 14km run and you could probably get away without having to take a gel (I avoid taking them when possible so that I don’t get too sick of them or have to pay for one that day). Take 2 bottles with water, and 2 bottles with gatorade in your fuel belt…

    As for the bike shorts, I highly recommend Sugoi – they have a couple different models available, but I will definitely say – the more you pay, the better the shorts! It might be worth spending some good money on the shorts to get something that’s worth using!

  2. jenn Says:

    Oh Yay! I missed this comment until now.

    Yes! They gave me the GU gels at the running room. I took one before I ran last sunday, but only was out for 45 minutes – so didn’t take a second. Will be trying tomorrow. How often are you taking the gels? Once every 45 minutes? Someone told me they like cliff shots, so I picked up 2 of those as well. And they gave me a different kind of powder that has more sodium than the Gatorade. Also haven’t tried it yet. Do you do gatorade AND gels on the same run? And do you really find a difference? I have some friends telling me that they don’t even drink on their runs, and others that just drink water, and then others still who do the gatorade etc… AHHH!!

    You have a 4 bottle belt, eh? I just got one with 2 since the pink belts didn’t have 4 bottles. Priorities. Tomorrow is going to be my first run that’s more than 10km, and I’m going to wear my belt for the first time too. I know you can add on bottles, but maybe I have to get a second belt? Sigh. Actually, my aunt said she has a 4 bottle one I can borrow so I can do that for now.

    As for shorts, I stole my bf’s. He has a pair from MEC, and while they aren’t the perfect fit (they’re a Men’s L – so I hope they’re not the perfect fit!) they’ll do for my two spins a week for now. I might have to get sugoi shorts if only because sugoi means cool in japanese!!

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