it’s the final countdown

The race is Sunday. 2 runs to go.

I am excited. Mostly to finish the race and eat a big brunch afterward. And maybe some ice cream. Is that so wrong?

I mean, everyone says not to wear/try anything new for the race, so I can’t be excited for my new outfit/shoes/hat…
My Nike+ chip broke (I might have spilled makeup remover all over it when travelling) so I got it replaced last Sunday. After 2 runs with it, I finally calibrated it and it was reporting that I was running about 25% more than I was. Even though I knew the distance of the routes I was running it was fun to pretend I had all of a sudden started running longer and faster than before.

I’m getting a little nervous for the race. I had a bad dream about forgetting to pick up my race package. So I’ve asked several people to remind me. Hopefully at least one person will.

Also, I’m planning to run with my fuel belt. People told me not to, but truth is i’m used to sipping out of my little bottles whenever i feel like it – I’m afraid to need to wait for a water station, and then gulp from a cup and get a stitch. Not to mention, the eload i’ve been taking is different from the gatorade on the course and everyone says not to change what you do for the race.

I’ve been told to put my name on my shirt so that people cheer. I know it will be on my race bib too, but I still think that would be fun. Since you’re not supposed to wear a new shirt for the race, I’m thinking about using a fabric marker on an underarmor shirt I’ve been wearing all summer. I’m not sure what to write. Maybe “Cheer for Jenn” or “hi, i’m jenn”. Yeah, that might work…

3 Responses to “it’s the final countdown”

  1. Stephen Says:

    How about “Blog for Jenn –”

  2. Hex Says:

    Good luck Jenn! I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday. You’ll do great!

  3. Heather Says:

    Definitely run with the fuel belt if that’s what you have been using all along… I have run every single one of my half-marathons with my belt and I still like it for the same reasons you want to use yours!

    I think you should write “Run, Jen… Run!!!” on your shirt!! Think about how motivating that might feel when people yell that back to you while you are approaching km 19!!!

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