i have a huge crush on tina fey. i want to be her.

today i learned that she and i have the same vice: cupcakes.

so yeah, i’m on my way.

3 Responses to “cupcakes”

  1. Stephen Says:

    So is a sort of localized optimum.

  2. Reshma Says:

    Jenny, I also have a crush on Tina Fey. I considered admitting this to you earlier but I thought you would be too jealous.

  3. hi, i’m jenn » Blog Archive » cupcake enablement Says:

    […] Squee! That’s right by my house. And late enough that I could get there from work. And I LOVE cupcakes. What’s better than 1 night of cupcakes? 10 nights! Which is exactly why I cannot sign up. Eating cupcakes every week [drool] is not a good idea. And even I can’t convince myself that I have the self-discipline to look but not touch – have you seen me around icing?! And Jenn on a sugar high isn’t fun for anyone – me included. […]

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