I love reading blogs. I always get excited when a friend makes a new post, and wish most of them would update more often.

And here I am – no update for a whole month.

In any case, the news is that I’m moving. Time for me to move in with a dishwasher and a washer/dryer. Hurray!

5 Responses to “blogging”

  1. Heather Says:

    I can relate to your love for reading people’s blogs. Especially now that I’ve discovered google’s blog reader!

    Where are you moving to?

  2. Erin Says:

    whoo hoo! I was so excited when I moved into a place with laundry! And a dishwasher is a big bonus. When do you move?

  3. Jeff Says:

    wow! big move!
    will you visit me when you move? you better move close. i need somebody to make me run.

  4. mom Says:

    Mom always knows best!
    Your sister Erin did even better and moved in to a place with maid service.

  5. Stephen Says:

    Moving in with a dishwasher and a washer/dryer. Does that make you Chrissy or Janet? And does your mom approve?

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