The countdown is on

The race is less than a week away. And I’m sick. I started feeling “off” friday, and have been getting worse. Saturday I popped Sudafed. Yesterday I decided it was allergies and took Reactin. Today I have a sinus headache (hence the up early) and so am back on Sudafed/Advil. I think I’ll go to the doctor tomorrow in the hopes of procuring some drugs to further improve the situation.

I haven’t been able to run since Friday morning’s quick 8km. I’m taking “tapering” to a whole new level. The only action my legs have seen is from my foam roller so despite the complete lack of exercise, parts of me are still sore. Ha.

If (and I do mean *if*) I’m able to run on the weekend, I’ll be thrilled. Even if I don’t PR (get a personal record) it will be such a relief to be running again that I’m hoping I’ll finish without struggling.

In the meantime, anyone have fun suggestions for my playlist?

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