Sore Loser

I read some running blogs (see my sidebar) and folks frequently seem to host giveaways (lots of people read these running blogs, so they get things from random companies to try out and review. Yes, I’m jealous. Though the idea of that many people reading my blog scares me).

I often enter said giveaways. And I never win.

Anyway, Danica over at the chic runner is hosting one for an iFitness belt and since I want to win I thought I should link back so that I get three entries instead of one.

Speaking of which, I haven’t run since the race. I’ve barely exercised. I’m signed up for the Toronto Women’s 5km on Saturday – but with rain in the forecast I’m thinking of wussing out.

What’s wrong with me? Maybe I just need some new gear (achem*iFitness belt*achem) to get me motivated.

Or maybe I need a break from running altogether…

2 Responses to “Sore Loser”

  1. Marlene Says:

    Nooo! Lor is running, isn’t she? You cant wuss out!

  2. jenn Says:

    I know. And she’s been heckling me and calling me a wuss. I’ll be there.

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