So today was the last day of bootcamp. We did the same workout that we did three weeks ago (the one I blogged about below).

My time then: 9:44

My time today: 7:00

How’s that for an improvement, eh? I no longer felt the need to lie down and die during burpees!!

Anyway, I’m hooked. Plan to try and do 3 classes as week and start incorporating running back into my week for some more endurance work. Yesterday’s 5km turned 7.5km reminded me how good a run makes me feel – not to mention it’s totally the best time of year for it (save for the rain that is!).

2 Responses to “Cross-fit-er”

  1. Eileen Says:

    awesome! my trainer likes to joke around and say “if i was a military trainer, and you beat your time the second time around, it means you weren’t trying hard enough the first time and the first one wouldn’t count”. my argument is that I didnt know the exercise well enough the first time around, and by the second time comes around I want to beat my time! 🙂 i’m looking forward to meeting 125 this weekend in nyc…oh and happy hackday…haha.

  2. Marlene Says:

    Nice work, Jenn! That is a MASSIVE! You are in amazing shape right now and I’m sure that can only impact your running in a good day!

    (Not that it’s ALL about running but… well, for me it is. ;))

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