It’s contagious

Today my GPS is a Space Case*

To get to Crossfit I like to use my Garmin. It’s in a new location, and it’s super early in the morning, so it’s going to take a few times of me being taken there by the GPS before I’m ready to drive there on auto pilot.

This morning, however, my GPS decided I was already near the lake (I wasn’t – I was north of Bloor) and when I started driving south east along Rosedale Valley road it had me driving in the Toronto Harbour. In the water. (I should have taken a picture it was kind of funny)

I tried to restart it and click around but it was stubbornly refusing to put my car anywhere but in the blue of Lake Ontario. Big giant #FAIL.

So as you can imagine it wasn’t very helpful getting me to where I needed to go. But funny enough today I found the place without making any wrong turns at all! That was a first!

Maybe my Garmin knew I could do it and was just trying to set me free and watch me fly on my own! Good thing I didn’t get lost 🙂

*Yes, I am a technical person and I realize that my Garmin is a computer and should not be able to catch anything from me. But isn’t that what makes this incredible?

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