LSD Running

Nope, I ain’t tripping – just doing some Long Slow Distance running. Okay, a long slow distance run. But I’m still proud – it was my first one in weeks and was made fun by the presence of one Kathleen Trotter, a friend and butt kicking training (also, an Ironwoman). We busted out about 8km this morning – don’t know exactly how many since I didn’t reset Genki the Garmin before I started, so the run I did is recorded as having started on November 29th. Oops.

In any case, just got word from Matt, the no meat athlete, that I won a pair of Sigvaris Recovery Socks! It’s like there’s running Karma or something.

Anyway, YAY!

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  1. That Pink Girl Says:

    Congrats on the long run ABD the win!

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