I’m a Matzoh Ball Princess

I imagine most folks that read this blog already have heard the news via twitter or facebook or my loud mouth, but I feel like it’s worth a post anyway.

Last week as the festivities for the Jewish New Year came to an end, and Mom was celebrating pulling off yet another delish lunch for 40 family and friends, Zane Caplansky was looking for competitors for a Matzoh Ball Smackdown. He had posted about the contest on his blog (which I do follow) even clarifying you didn’t need to be a bubbie to enter.

Sure, I think my mom’s matzoh balls are the greatest. But I know better than suggest she spend more time in the kitchen after all the work she put in for our Rosh Hashana lunch!

My sister, on the other hand, saw a tweet from now toronto about the contest and decided to start talking/tweeting smack about how good mom’s balls are. Zane asked her to enter and the two of us ganged up on our mom. Game on.

Erin recruited a cheering squad made up of family and her friends – most of whom had never tasted a Matzoh ball. I made a t-shirt that said “My Mommy is Yummy and Her Balls Are Too”.

Lucky for me, there was a reporter there covering the action and her article from the toronto star does a great job capturing the fun and intensity! Here’s my favourite part:

In the fluffy category, Schachter triumphed over the scandals her husband had earlier pointed out.
“Justice won out,” Joel Schachter said over the cheers of his family. “It was the correct decision.”

My mom is the Fluffy Ball Queen of Toronto 2010. Which makes me the Princess. At least until next year.

Here are my pictures from the event:

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  1. Toronto Girl West Says:

    HA! Love the t-shirt slogan! Cracked me up!!!

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