Lucky Jenn

Nachan is an Esthe (japanese for Esthetician). She is also an instructor, and teaches students how to give facials and hand massages etc. Last night I was their willing “victim” as they practiced their technique. I think Nachan is an excellent teacher!

nachan teaches. jenn enjoys.shoko, jenn and shiho

3 Responses to “Lucky Jenn”

  1. Jeff Says:

    let’s see if i understand this. someone gives you free facials, gets other men to buy you meals, takes you out drinking….and they call this work?

    its quite clear that we here in north america simply do not know how to live. its time to start a cultural revolution. or at the very least, go to pickle barrel a lot more – they have pretty good salads. that sort of makes up for the no free facials, and you can get frozen yogurt after the meal. does nachan make fro-yo too? if so, do you think she wants to move to my house?

  2. Sam Says:

    I can’t believe you ever considered NOT going to Japan! You are clearly IN YOUR ELEMENT! You’ll never want to come back to hum-drum life…heck I don’t even want to be here in hum-drum life after all your exciting adventures. All I have to look forward to is wallpapering my powder room on the weekend…sigh.

  3. Jill Says:

    You’ll have to knit them face cloths in thanks:

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