how jenny got her groove back

i am with tunes.

after spending two weeks with only 4 gigs of music (thanks to my mom for lending me her nano) i knew it wasn’t sustainable.

yes, i had checked the gym before i left, but the staff person i checked with was a substitute (the actual staff was on vacation) and couldn’t get into the drawers. today was my first day back to working out after vaca. i went to the desk and asked the staff person if she had seen an ipod.

and she had. i gave her a hug.


still missing: my gold dangly earrings

3 Responses to “how jenny got her groove back”

  1. Reshma Says:

    i would just like it noted on the record that i was pretty damn close by telling you to check your gym bag.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Welcome back to the iPod connected world. I finally got my iPod back, so I know what the withdrawal must have been like.

  3. Erin Heximer Says:

    I never think of you as jenny. You’ll always be jenn to me 🙂

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