why do people hate the loonie?

I started taking energy gels when I do my long runs. Do I need them? Probably not – I know plenty of folks that run without them. Do they help me? Who knows. Do they taste good? Not really. But I definitely look at that as a milestone during the runs — the 45 minute point when I get to take my gel.  There’s the B.G. part of the run, and the A.G. part of the run. The A.G part is more fun, because it’s the second half – but also more sticky.
In any case, I’ve been buying them from the running room for $1.49 (for cliff shots) or $1.99 for Gu. I decided to search online – I can get Gu for $1 a pop from REI online (they have a discount of $.25 each if you buy, like, 12), and the cliff shots for less than $1!!! This is not fair.

(Yes, I know this is a problem that extends to more than just the energy gels. i’m just particularly frustrated about it right now)

Also, if anyone has an REI membership number they’d let me use to order, I’d be forever grateful!

7 Responses to “why do people hate the loonie?”

  1. Baron Says:

    You lied to me and tricked me into reading about crappy running gels. There is nothing in this post about the loonie. Now I hate you. Maybe.

  2. jenn Says:

    This comment is so hateful, I feel like I must have written it.

  3. Baron Says:

    By “this”, I can only assume you’re referring to your own comment which you DID write and by my standards, not very hateful.

  4. jenn Says:

    Go suck a goat. Or an energy gel.

  5. Baron Says:

    Now that’s hate! Good job.

  6. jenn Says:


  7. Stephen Says:

    This site says they ship to Canada and it claims to be chocolate.


    Of course, I’m a little concerned that eating these gels might be making Jenn a bit… ummm… difficult?

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