in other, non frustrating news…

I moved!

Yes, I left my colourful apartment of 2.5 years (RIP Hello Kitty Room), and have moved to a bright, white one complete with fun things like a dishwasher and en-suite laundry.

And like my other place, I know a bunch of folks who live in the building. In fact, I know two on my floor. Hehe.

I never did laundry in my old place. I’ve been at my new one for a week and have already done 4 loads. Maybe that’s because my rabbit ears aren’t picking up any channels!(Hmm… I should start taking advantage of the friends with full cable…)

So you’re all invited to come and visit. Don’t worry – there’s still plenty of Hello Kitty around.

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  1. Ming Says:

    Speaking of Hello Kitty, have you see these marshmallow pieces with chocolate inside? They’re delicious.

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