friends are cool, but amigos are cooler

I have a lot of friends. According to facebook, the number stands at 1158 (which means very little.. but that’s a story for another time).

Many of my friends do super cool things. What kind of cool things? Well, how about quitting a good full-time job to move to latin-America and become fluent in Spanish?

Yeah, that’s my super cool friend Nat.

like this one
And what makes her even cooler is that while she was living in Columbia (medellin – like in entourage!!) with her boyfriend August, they decided to start up a website called lenguajero to help folks find and hold conversation exchanges in Spanish. Makes sense to me — after all, not everyone can pick up and move to Latin America like they did!Now Natalie and August are Oaxaca (I think I should go visit – summer here sucks) and the webiste has launched! So go and make some new amigos, and study some Spanish, over at lenguajero!

Too bad this wasn’t around before I went to Chile!

Update: Practice English Spanish

2 Responses to “friends are cool, but amigos are cooler”

  1. Heather Says:

    Great post Jenn! I like it so much that I’d like to “borrow” it to post on my blog. Are you cool with that?

  2. jenn Says:

    Of course not! I’d be flattered!

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