What to do when…

This weekend N and I headed to my cousins’ ski chalet up north to play in the snow. We were given the garage code and told to let ourselves in that way when we arrived. Unfortunately, we discovered the door into the house from the garage was locked (turned out a maintenance guy had locked it while doing work that week).

I didn’t have a cell number for my cousins (who were away at the olympics – lucky them!) so called various family members to track it down. My grandma was the first to answer. She laughed, and then explained the situation to her husband. They gave us the phone number we needed and told us that if we couldn’t get into the place, her husband says we should call a locksmith. I pointed out that the locksmith might think we’re breaking in and besides we were happy to check into a hotel.

But they insisted – if the locksmith is concerned we’re breaking in, she said, we should have the locksmith call and speak to them.


Anyway, the cousins were able to locate us a key so it never became an issue.

But as my aunt said to me, checking into a hotel probably would have been cheaper than jail…. I wonder…

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