no more hockey

last night was our final hockey lesson. we invited some people to come and watch, since i think most of them had decided we were probably using the “Hockey Lessons” as a cover up for some sort of covert activity.*

anyway, we definitely impressed them. someone pointed out that whenever i get the puck i have a tendency to stop skating, and start cheering for myself. that normally leads to someone from the other team stealing the puck, and me yelling about how mean they are. hopefully that will change once the novelty wears off. i suppose it will once i am catching the puck regularly. which might actually happen with a little more practice…

unfortunately that won’t be any time soon – i haven’t been able to find any lessons in Japan, and by the time i get back hockey will be done for the winter.

there’s always next year!

*do you really think i’d schedule said activity during the oc?!

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  1. Reshma Patel Says:

    congrats on your hockey skills…
    japan? huh? when are you going there???

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